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Dr. Inci Öztürk Yıldız was born in Balıkesir, Turkey. She completed her high school education in French school Notre Dame de Sion in Istanbul, then graduated from Medical School at the University of Istanbul. Dr. Yildiz specialized on children’s health and pediatrics in Cerrahpasa Medical School. During her work in University of Hamburg, Eppendorf Pediatric Clinic, Hematology-Oncology Research Laboratories she had a chance to observe immunology of a tumor and preparation of anti-leukemia serum. Her work called ‘Determination of peripheral blood and tissue membrane phenotype of leukemia’ won Tumay Armagini in 1980. Between years 1979-1980 she spend time in France working on hematology branch of the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris and on the oncology field at Institut Gustave-Roussy. In the mean time she received a diploma from Paris VII University as expert on hematology. Her research about effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on growth and development of children with leukemia won a price in National Cancer Foundation. In 1992 Dr. Inci Öztürk Yıldız made observations in the pediatric oncology field and with her study on DNA plaid in Wilms tumor she got an oncology expert diploma from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston US. Until she retired on 2011 she worked as department head of Pediatric hematology-oncology in Cerrahpasa Medical School.

Dr. Inci Öztürk Yıldız is the founder and head of ‘Hope for Children with Cancer’ foundation (KACUV). She contributed to 12 books as an editor, 1 as translator, 4 as co-writer. She has more than 400 publications 70 of which are in foreign languages. Her latest piece is the book named Pediatric Cancer and all revenue of the book is for the foundation KACUV. She is married with a child.


He was born in Bulgaria in 1949 and completed his high school education in the Vefa High School in Istanbul. He graduated from University of Marmara School of Economic and Commercial Sciences in 1973. Same year he started banking in Yapi Kredi bank. Soon after he was transferred to Tofas Turk Automotive Factory. He is still working in this company as an accountant director. Almost for 15 years he played soccer in Istanbul first amateur league. As well as being congressman of Besiktas sports club, he is also a member of many clubs and foundations. He’s married and father to a daughter and a son.


He was born in Trabzon on 1958. He had his elementary, secondary and high school education in Trabzon. He graduated from the University of Ankara, School of Political Sciences in 1984. He is working as the CEO of Ceren Promotion- event management Company and Arasta Architecture and Design Company. He is a board member of Protecting Natural Habitats Foundation. He is also a member of Trabzonspor  Sports Club and he has been a member of Mulkiyeliler Association since 1995. He is married and father to a daughter.


Born and raised in Ankara, she graduated from University of Ankara, School of Political Sciences in 1980. Nur Alpinar has been living in Istanbul since 1986. After 20 years of banking career, she retired in 2000 from IsBank as manager of hedge funds. She has been a board member of KAVUC since 2002, and she has been living in Buyukada since 2000, working on literature, enjoying nature and animals. Playing black gammon with her son who is studying philosophy in England is one of her favorite activities.



He was born in Istanbul on 1953. He completed his secondary school in Haydarpasa High School. He graduated from University in 1977 as chemical engineer. He started his business life the same year by establishing a respiratory clinic in Capa Medical School, internal medicine clinic. He finished his PhD in 1979. 10 years later he went into the private sector as a textile machine representative in international companies. Then he established his own company in the same field. In year 2000 due to his and his son’s medical condition he closed his business and retired. He is a charter member of KACUV and a member of Fenerbahce sports club.


She was born in Soke on 1962, had secondary and high school education in Istanbul Kadikoy Anadolu High School. She started at the University of Istanbul, Cerrahpasa School of Medicine in 1980. On 1986 Ms. Celkan started the School of Medicine in Eskisehir. She specialized in pediatric health and diseases in 1991 with her thesis. In December of 1994 through success in lateral exams, she started working in University of Istanbul, Cerrahpasa School of Medicine. She started as a volunteer than became term doctor. In 1999 she succeeded in another lateral exam and became a pediatric hematologist. In 2003 she became associate professor in pediatric health and diseases.

Ms. Celkan is a member of Turk Pediatric Institution, National Turk Pediatric Association, Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Hematology Foundation, Immunology Foundation, International Society of Pediatric Oncology and Foundation for protecting sick children. She is in the consultants’ board of following publications: magazine of Pediatric Clinics, Turkish Pediatric archives, University of Uludag magazine, Turkish pediatric Hematology magazine. Ms. Celkan is still working at the University of Istanbul, Cerrahpasa School of Medicine, on pediatric health and diseases. She is a mother of two children.



Founder of the law firm Bulat was born in 1964. He had his education in Samsun High School, then University of Ankara Law School, where he specialized on commercial banking law. He has been working as a lawyer since 1989.

He is manager or head of the following NGOs: Environmental initiatives Association, Antalya Contemporary Education Foundation, Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, Antalya Black Sea Foundation, Foundation for protecting Turkey’s nature, Foundation for Street Children, Association of Tourism Industry Employers’. He was elected as board member of KACUV in 2016.

Between 1999-2004 Mr. Bulat was the consultant to the mayor of Antalya. During 2000-2002 he was the vice president and press spokesman of Antalya Sports Club. At the same time he was running a show on law called ‘verdict’.

Mr. Bulat is actively working on national and international law in Antalya and in Istanbul including consultancy to tourism firms and medical law.





Nevzat Şahin was born in 1967, after his father migrated to Muş-Malazgirt from Gümüşhane. He started his education in Muş, then he was in Trabzon in first year of his high school education, and then, he went to Bursa. He graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of International Relations in 1986. He started to work in Bursa Setbaşı Tax Office in 1987, then he was assigned to Ministry of Interior as a controller in 1990. He is still working as a chief controller.

His books: Financial Management and Issues of Municipalities, Method of Direct Supply and Public Procurement Guidance, Contemporary Issues of Municipalities and Solution Offers, and he has a poetry book named Şiir Sustu.




Ms. Orhan graduated from University of Hacettepe on 1986 and same year she started the graduate program in the same university. On 1987 she started working as a research officer of the board in same university’s School of Education. She completed her graduate program in 1988 and started her doctorate work. On 1989 with a graduate education scholarship from British Council, she went to the University of Exeter for a second graduate program. After completing her studies in England in 1990 she came back to Turkey and carried on with her doctorate work.

Finishing her thesis in 1997, Ms. Organ got Doctor Title from Faculty of Education, Education Programs and Teaching Department. As her thesis was on Education Technologies, she started working as associate professor in the department of Computer and Education Technologies Teachers which is established by Council of Higher Education. She is still working at Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Education, department of Computer and Education Technologies Teachers. Ms. Organ has national and international articles, publications, reports and project work. She is a member of Turkish IT association, married and has a child.


He was born in Istanbul in 1983. He had his primary and secondary education in Istek Foundation Schools in Istanbul. For high school, he went the Leysin Switzerland and graduated from LES-Leysin American School. He went to Berkley College in New York City, US and graduated on 2009 with Bachelor’s degree in MBA.

In 2009 Mr. Oncer started his business life in Koc  Group  Arcelik Company in finance and is still working in the company.

Mr. Oncer is a permanent member of Moda Shore Club, is single and working on photography. His interests are music, books, art, travel, biking and movies.



Permanent Members of Oversight Committee Substitute Members of Oversight Committee
Günsel Yalçın Nevzer Özyakalı
Teslime Hoşkan Sedat Özozan
Çetin Duruk Muharrem Sur
Permanent Members of Discipline Committee     Substitute Members of Discipline Committee
Gülnur Tokuç Metin Kartal
Gülnihal Özdemir Evren Bingöl
Ayşe Güvenir Sait Eryılmaz


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