Corporate Donations

The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer needs corporate support in order to sustain its services provided for children receiving cancer treatment and their families during the treatment process and to reach more children by diversifying its services.
You can support the sustainability of our activities in the Family Home and hospitals by making a donation and becoming an “Envoy of Hope”.
Thanks to donations, KAÇUV will be able to reach more children and to increase the social responsibility culture among the staff of your organization.

When making corporate donation:

You can donate in the name of your corporation and make it our new “Envoy of Hope”.

You can create a donation campaign including your target group through implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

You can offer the Foundation’s projects for national or international grants of your corporation

Project and Activity Sponsorship:

Children during treatment have to stay in hospitals for a very long time, and they communicate with very few certain people. For children who are in their adolescence, such environment away from social surroundings has a negative effect on their psychological and social development.

KAÇUV conducts game-based activities developed by experts in order to support children receiving cancer treatment in their participation to social life and to help them catch up with their healthy peers during their stay in hospitals.

These activities are conducted by KAÇUV Volunteers who are well trained how to work with children with cancer.

You can support our hospital activities and enable us to reach as many children as possible by becoming a sponsor for our projects, so the children will not experience being alone in such a long difficult process.

KAÇUV Project Fields:

  • Activities to be developed specifically for the children receiving cancer treatment.
  • Awareness raising programs for the families.
  • Research projects that would raise social awareness.
  • You can become a sponsor for the publications focused on childhood cancer.

Product Cooperation:

One shopping activity, one social responsibility…

KAÇUV aims to raise social awareness for childhood cancers through various activities centered on Hospitals and Family Home.

You can support KAÇUV by raising social awareness through your corporation as well.

You can donate a certain part of your corporation’s revenue on sales of the products or services in the name of your customers. You can include KAÇUV’s visual materials on your products; tell your customers that they can support children receiving cancer treatment when they buy something from you and support awareness-raising for childhood cancers.

For more information about corporate donations and cooperation, email to or contact our Fund Raising Department on +90 212 291 31 10.

Room Sponsorship in the Family Home:

Let the Family Home be your home too…

Established in 2012, Family Home provides accommodation and care support for children and their families who have come to Istanbul for cancer treatment, leaving their friends, siblings and homes behind.

Each family is given a room in the Family Home in order to make them feel at home, and children can use common places such as the garden, playroom and computer room, moreover, there are other services provided to families such as a full equipped kitchen, laundry, food.

Family Home was established and carries on its activities with the support of individual and corporate donations.

You can support Family Home individually or as a corporation by becoming  a Room Sponsor for one of the rooms and covering its expenses and support our children and their families as much as you wish.

To become a “Room Sponsor”, email to or contact our Fund Raising Department on +90 212 291 31 10.

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