What is Cancer?

Cancer is a malign disease which arises out of the abnormal reproduction of one tissue in the body, destroys the tissue which it went about and can also spread and destroy the other tissues. Because of the cell reproduction in several organs, the tumor belonging to that organ can emerge.

Cancer has many different types like in other diseases. For example, the tumor which arises in the retina of the eye is called a retinoblastoma, the tumor which arises in the liver is called a hepatoblastoma. If the cells which proliferate are blood cells, the cancer is called leukemia (cancer of the blood).

Cancer is not contagious, and there are only few cases of familial cancer.


Although the causes of many types of cancer cannot be determined yet, it is known that some cancer types stem from genetic, environmental and individual factors.

The probability of having cancer in people who are exposed to radiation, asbestos, benzene derivatives etc.

The use of cigarettes and alcohol

Genetic, the diseases predisposing cancer (like neurofibromatosis)

The cancer types related to inefficiency of the immune system

Solar rays



Fever, weakness, breathing problems, cough, glands on neck or armpit, swelling, leg pain, headache, vomiting, sudden imbalance or cross eye or hematuria can be symptoms of cancer.


We should remember that we should take precautions to protect from the cancer, rather than being scared of it.

Quit smoking and do not stay in the smoking areas.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you are 50 or above, be careful about red meat however, do not become a vegetarian. Eat red meat four times a week at least. Eat fish, chicken, pasta, peas, lentil and legumes in other days. Do not eat frozen foods.

Do physical exercise every day or a few days in a week.

Search the risk of cancer in your family and take precautions against these cancer types.

Get vaccinated for Hepatitis B and stay away from viruses.

Stay away from pesticides and hormone-injected nutrition.

Do not consume much drugs or alcohol and protect yourself from harmful solar rays.

Get your doctor’s control on time in a year at least.

Be careful about symptoms of the cancer:

Swelling or gland in breast or elsewhere.

Extreme fairness or weakness

Lingering bone pain, arthralgia

Extreme inappetence, weight loss

Lingering cough, hoarseness, breathing problems

Change in intestinal motility, costiveness, diarrhea or bleeding


Swallowing difficulties, indigestion, abdominal distension

Empurpling in the body and dot-blot hemorrhage


It is found that some preventable cancer types are related to the diet. For example, malnutrition, especially extreme consumption of red meat in the elderly is associated with the increase of bowel cancer. However, red meat is very important for children because of its protein and iron content and cannot be removed  from the diet, but in addition to red meat, fish and green-leaved vegetables are also very important. Fibrous foods decrease the number of cases of bowel cancer in the elderly.

We should be take the vitamins through the natural ways, rather than vitamin support. Therefore, it will be right to consume hormone-free and natural vegetables and fruits in our diets.


The first and definitely preventable cause of cancer is smoking. Smoking is the main reason for 90 percent of the lung cancer cases and 1/3 of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver large bowel, kidney, urinogenital, prostate and gynecological cancers. Children are at risk in the case of parental smoking through being exposed as a passive smoker.


It is certain that cancer risk is high for alcoholics. Head and neck, esophagus, laryngeal, gullet, stomach, liver and pancreas cancers increase in relation with alcohol consumption. The risk of throat cancer in people who consume both cigarettes and alcohol is 100 times more than those who do not consume either.


It is said that stress is also a cause of cancer. At least, it is true that stress level increase the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and nutrition. Keeping away from stress and adopt a life style stress-free can be possible to a certain extent. One way of managing stress is the support of family and friends.


Immotility and Obesity:

It is shown in the statistical researches in the USA that doing physical exercises can prevent colorectal cancer. The exercises in question are not heavy exercises, rather brisk walking, gymnastics, swimming or climbing up stairs. These should be done two or three times a week, for twenty minutes at least and be adopted as a life style.

Carcinogenic Added Substances:

The research about the carcinogenic effects of added substances proceeds and it is proven that some added substances have carcinogenic effects. The right thing to do is to stay away from added substances as much as possible and consume natural foods. It is recommended that before buying some comestibles, we should read the notes upon the package.

In the research carried out in Hacettepe University, the substances in the take-home foods were investigated. With this research, you can see the added substances in the take-home foods and their classifications.

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